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Weight Loss God’s Way

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Dieting Demystified

It seems that everyone is determined to stay in their best shape these days. You can’t even drive down the street without seeing someone running or power walking. This need to stay in shape goes beyond exercise though; it also has most people watching what they eat. And this, of course, leads to going on diets.

Diets are extremely popular these days and there seems to be some new fad diet that comes out every other month or so. But as of late, many doctors have spoken out against fad diets—particularly ones that promise to have you dropping large amounts of weight in very little time. These sorts of diets are proof that not ALL diets are healthy. In fact, if you aren’t in great health from the start, some diets can actually be very bad for you Then of course, there are diets that are centered around calories, others on carbs and other still that are more concerned with heart healthy foods.

With so many different diets floating around out there, how are you supposed to tell which one is right for you? Not only that, but once you decide on one, there is usually an entire list of foods you can’t eat. And those you CAN eat, you usually have to eat with other bland foods. By the time you have gone grocery shopping for specially selected foods that adhere to your diet and THEN purchased the diet’s instructional material, you may stop wondering why dieting so HARD…and EXPENSIVE!

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The Truth About Abs

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